Pixie and Punk/ Eric and Rufus Children's Books

from Longshot Ventures Ltd

Created in Twickenham by Tagore Ramoutar and inspired by his children.

Designed with love in Twickenham by me

Pixie and Punk clothes and associated children's books and jigsaws have been designed and written by me (Tagore Ramoutar). The clothes are inspired by my travels and the gifts I has bought for my two children. The t-shirts are available with a matching story book featuring the same characters.The clothes are made from high quality lovely cotton chosen specially to make lovely gift quality clothes.

Eric and Rufus Children's Books are also written by me. The collection is inspired by my two children, their friends and family. Many of the titles are a result of requests by parents and teachers. Each book focusses on a particular topic with a story narrated by a fun character; the books feature full colour photographs and interesting facts. They are fun and educational; and engage children in a way that books with only drawings cannot. They connect the real world with literacy.

The jigsaws are made in partnership with Wentworth Wooden Jigsaws and feature images from my books (both current and planned) and feature Wentworth's unique whimsy pieces. I select each cut to ensure a unique puzzle is created.

Explore the real world with Eric and Rufus Children‛s Books

"Eric and Rufus Children‛s Books strive to encourage children to explore the real and natural world via the use of books featuring photos of real things. We seek to encourage outdoor exploration and learning by linking things they see and hear in books with things they can experience in real life outdoors."

Pixie and Punk

Where Pixie comes from..............
"When my girlswere very young I always called them little pixies -  they were small very cute andplayfully trixie pixie, some might say playfully naughty at times"
Where Punk comes from.............
"When my eldest girl was at nursery her best friend was a little boy and they used to call each other Punk. One day they were both going home at the same time and from their car seats they were shouting across the road BYE PUNK"
Where do the Characters come from.....................
"All the characters have come from stories made to excite my children, Eric the first one created was to help excite my eldest to eat her pasta, Jacob was created for the littlest and named by her."
Why gifting and particularly travel gifting.......
"When the girls were young I used to travel away on business a lot, mainly to Japan. On every trip I bought them presents, a way of saying sorry that I was away. I always found it hard to make time to go to shops during the week and occasionally had to make use of Airports and On-board shops to supplement the presents. I found the selection for little ones terrible, generally only Chocolate or Cuddly toys. But if I got to the shops in Tokyo I found wonderful T-shirts that when you bought them were beautifully wrapped; and T-shirts and stickers really excited the girls as presents"
And hence "Pixie and Punk" was born

So much universe, so little time
— Terry Pratchett

About the Author,Illustrator and Photographer
The books have been written, illustrated by myself and characters are my (and my girls) creations . Where needed the photographs have been taken specially for the books but some are just everyday photos from family activities. The books combine a story told from the point of view of the character and photographs to illustrate, many of the books include facts about the pictures that can be shared with the child when they ask questions. The stories have been inspired by the conversations I have had with my daughters and the things they are interested in.

Many of the adventures are based on things that my children have enjoyed and the books have been extensively shared and "tested" with them, their cousins and their friends. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

The Designs
The designs use bright contrast colours and feature contrast pockets for the character.  The launch designs feature Eric Boyle the Crocodile and Rufus T Bear, later designs may feature other characters from Eric and Rufus Children's Books.

Note the Characters and Designs are the sole intellectual property of Longshot Ventures Ltd and are not be reproduced without permission. Where appropriate they are protected by copyright.

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