Pixie and Punk/ Eric and Rufus Children's Books

from Longshot Ventures Ltd

New venture/ start up / new product consultancy and support offered by an entrepreneur who has successfully launched large and small businesses.

Longshot Ventures has been set up by Tagore Ramoutar as a vehicle to explore both selected consultancy projects and specific business ideas designed to exploit identified opportunities. Some of the business ideas will be explored and sold on, others will be developed in-house.

Mission statement

Longshot Ventures ltd is dedicated to developing solutions to solve problems /challenges, and generate ideas to exploit opportunities. Longshot Ventures will do this via consultancy, new business ventures and research papers.


  • Craft distillery start-up - Strategy, business plan and raising funds.
  • Luxury consumer electronic goods start-up - Sales strategy, origin paper, sourcing guidance.
  • Premium tea and coffee early stage company - Sales strategy, product range, product packaging review.
  • B2B cloud based Sales Planning tool - Business development and awareness.


Longshot Ventures / Tagore Ramoutar is not a traditional consultancy company. Longshot Ventures is interested in supporting consumer focussed companies in strategic projects that require new thinking. We are particularly skilled at supporting brands in new product / business development and international expansion.

Areas of expertise:

  • International expansion/ retail development - Global strategies and plans through to execution particularly in channel planning, project investment, development of new concepts and setting up new operations.
  • Market Entries (Consumer Products) - Premium products and Retail globally, plus in depth knowledge of Japan, Central Eastern Europe and UK
  • Commercialisation of new consumer focussed ideas/ products
  • New brand / company setup
  • Problem solving and complex project management
  • Training programmes associated with above

We can support your needs through short term project work/ strategic reviews, through to non-exec posts.

Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.
— Stephen Covey

Tagore Ramoutar

Tagore Ramoutar is a senior advisor specialising in starting / launching businesses / new projects / new products. He is a partner in a new artisan distillery start-up and selectively advises interesting new consumer product start-ups. He is the author and publisher of a unique range of children's books that encourage outdoor exploration by linking the real world with reading.

He has over 25 years working in consumer businesses in a variety of senior roles from strategy, retail, training, marketing, planning, product development to manufacturing giving him a unique oversight into developing new business ideas. He has worked with corporates (Shell, Nokia/ Vertu), SMEs and start-ups.

He helped launch the first luxury communications company Vertu and was on the global board for 6 years. He has a long history of success and achievements in transforming organizations/ projects.

He is highly experienced at start-ups (corporate and entreperneurial), new product development, creating international market entries and managing international partners.


He is a strong leader who excels in building, coaching and mentoring high performing teams. A goal orientated and solution driven self-starter with an excellent track record of delivery. Excels in strategy, planning through to delivery; at either programme level or at much more complicated enterprise level projects.Has managed Sales, Marketing, Business Planning, Operations / Manufacturing and Product Development.

Tagore is a direct communicator that makes decisions independently and objectively.

Tagore is interested in part time roles, advisory positions and consultancy in early stage companies, start ups and companies going international. He is passionatly interested in taking concepts to market.

Tagore can help you:
Develop strategies and plans for your overall business with special focus on: Launch Strategies and Plans; Business Planning; Sales Strategies; Product Development; Sourcing; Operations; and Marketing.   

Longshot Ventures Publishing

Longshot Ventures Ltd is a registered UK publisher. Whilst predominantly a vehicle for books authored by Tagore Ramoutar, Longshot Ventures is available to publish other authors books. We are particularly suitable as a partner for children's books and business books to be self distributed. Note we do not at this stage provide distribution services / sales and marketing support.